Sara Pritchard

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"a crackling, poignant, wacky, nuanced collection of stories"

      —Philip Brady, author of To Prove My Blood: A Tale of Emigrations and the Afterlife and By Heart: Reflections of a
Rust Belt Bard

"It’s a rare collection of short stories that’s richer than the sum of its parts. But Help Wanted: Female is just that. Pritchard’s stories are shaken into an effervescent cocktail of wit and insight, spiked with more than a dash of bitter truth.”

         —Diane Meier, author of The Season of Second Chances

“Sara Pritchard sees everything . . . and looks at it with such tenderness, clarity, and good humor that all of it begins to glow.”

         —Rebecca Barry, author of Later, at the Bar

“Survival stories from the liminal edge of Americana, delivered in Pritchard’s wry, observant voice.”

         —Lenore Hart, author of Becky and The Raven’s Bride

“Sara Pritchard can make you laugh in the same sentence that just made you cry.”

         —Beverly Donofrio, author of Riding in Cars with Boys and Astonished

“Pritchard’s love and compassion for her characters is evident on every page, as is her mastery of language. In this collection, she is at the very top of her game.”

         —Kaylie Jones, author of A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries
and Lies My Mother Never Told Me

cover art: detail of "Dog Walker: Île St. Louis" by Caroline Jennings. Copyright © 2000 by Caroline Jennings. Private Collection.

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